Kendal Town vs Preston North End Ladies Sunday 6 September, 2.00pm kick off






Lauren Downham - Player/Manager

Lauren is the Captain of the team; a leader and a very skillful midfielder, who looks set to become a regular fixture of the goalsheet.

Lauren is a real character and rarely to be found without a smile on her face!


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Gemma Charlton - Player/Assistant Manager


Gemma provides a different dimension to the team, her character keeps the girls laughing and her experience helps to guide the players on and off the pitch.

This experience is also a crucial part of Gemma’s role as assistant manager.


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Graham Baker - Coach


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Jen Carradus - Defender/Goalkeeper


Last season Jen became the Ladies team goalkeeper. She has since shown her bravery and skill while keeping out the opposition. Jen can also play in defence, she is a tenacious and tough tackling player with lots of skill on the ball.


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Sarah Earl


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Lauren Hackett - Defender

Lauren who has been a regular first team starter, has made the left back position her own following some excellent defensive performances.  Lauren (aka ‘Ginge’) is a real character as she keeps the entire team smiling during training and on match days.


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Brooke Kenny - Defender


Brooke is a passionate defender who always gives her all for the side. Brooke shows her natural ability through her well timed challenges to win the ball back for the team in some very difficult areas.


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Mandy Jo Stokoe-Defender



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Elsie Atkinson - Defender/Midfielder


Elsie is a very skilful midfielder. She is a talented young player with a fantastic ability to remain calm on the ball and to make the correct decisions in highly competitive and difficult situations. Elsie is a true asset to the team.


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Jessica Greechan - Defender/Midfielder


Jess plays on the left wing and always gives 100%. Jess is always smiling and is lovely character to have within in the team.


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Bella Martindale - Defender/Midfielder


Signed prior to the 2013/14 season, Bella is a rapid left winger/left back. She regularly injects pace and whips powerful crosses into the box for the strikers to attack, and she also scores goals herself!


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Sarah McCabe - Midfielder


Signed prior to the 2013/14 season, Sarah is a strong and powerful central midfield player. She works tirelessly up and down the pitch to create attacking chances and to stop the opposition in their tracks.


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Katie Ireland


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Nicola Martindale - Midfielder


Nicola joined the team in the 2008-2009 season. She is a tenacious and skilful midfielder often using her vision to create goal scoring chances for the team.


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Caroline Cropper


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Vanessa Temple - Midfielder/Striker


Signed during the 2010-2011 season, 'Nessa' is a very skilful and talented midfielder who poses a real threat to the opposition with her speed and power.

A regular goal scorer from midfield, Nessa always gives100% in matches.


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Heather Ramsay- Midfielder/Striker


Heather plays on the right wing and with blistering speed she often leaves the opposition behind. Heather regularly scores goals and creates chances for the team.


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Faye Armstrong - Striker


Faye plays as a striker and often within midfield positions. Faye is one of the real characters of the side, another player rarely found without a smile on her face.


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Joanne Thompson - Striker

Jo holds the accolade of being the most prolific striker in the history of Kendal Town Ladies. The leading goal scorer for the team every year since its inception, she can always be relied upon for that crucial goal.

An ever-present who never misses matches or training, Jo hopes to continue her impressive goal scoring form during the forthcoming season.

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Jodie Moncur


Jodie has recently signed for the team and is really excited about the season ahead. She has shown promising skills and abilities in the pre-season training and we can’t wait to see how she performs in the league matches.


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Ellie Bland



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Lisa Rowlinson



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Daisy Purcell



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