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Kendal Town Football Club Statement

Club Statement Febuary 13th

Kendal Town Football Club Statement

Kendal Town Club Statement


The cancellation of Monday's supporters meeting was disappointing for everyone, particularly for myself and the management committee as it denied the football club the opportunity to give a full and accurate response to recent events both on and off the field.

The meeting would have given a true and accurate verbal account of events and provided written evidence confirming that talk of a potential consortium headed by Mr O'Neill having the backing of certain parties appears to be fabricated. We would have shown that the cobbled together wish list, which was described as a business proposal was based on a complete lack of understanding regarding finance, planning permission, lease covenants, time frames etc and presented to the board with one clear motive in mind, which was to gain the supporters support, unsettle the players, cause friction between the management committee leading to resignations and ultimately take over the running of Kendal Town Football Club. To a large extent that plan has worked.

But I am asking you as true supporters of Kendal Town Football Club to put your differences with personalities who are operating the football club to one side and realise that the management committee of Kendal Town have nothing but the best interest of the club at heart. Which is why due diligence regarding the proposal was carried out, then arranging a meeting with all relevant stakeholders to discuss it's contents and coming to the unanimous decision that it was not in the best interest of Kendal Town Football Club to continue discussions with Mr O'Neill.

Since news of the number of players leaving the club broke, we have been overwhelmed with the support we have received from all levels of football, grassroot, non league to professional clubs who all understood exactly what we are going through and have made some of their players available to us as well as offering advice and help for the remainder of the season and beyond.

We are confident that we can avoid relegation this season and that the infrastructure we are trying to put in place will sustain the club, provide more players from Kendal and the surrounding area with the opportunity, providing they have the ability, to represent their local club. Building a team that is competitive and increases the number of local supporters that we are currently getting.

We will always view any future potential proposals to take over the running of the club with an open mind provided the correct protocol has been followed. The proposal is realistic and the promised funding is ring fenced in order to deliver the business plan being proposed.


Kind regards

George Gudgeon Chairman

For and on behalf of the Management Committee

Kendal Town Football Club

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