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Kendal Town Fans Fundraising Scheme

KTFC Independent Supporters Club message to fans

Kendal Town Fans Fundraising Scheme

Most of us know that the football club’s budget was cut during last season and that this led to a complete restructuring of the management and playing staff.  Unfortunately we were relegated at the end of the season, although, ironically, just as we were starting to show signs of everything coming together.  There is genuine belief that the club can do well in the Evo-Stick North but this division is not to be underestimated and the club will need a strong squad if we are to have a chance of getting into the promotion spots.  As supporters we have a key role to play and I am proposing a scheme to allow fans to make regular payments towards this budget.

The scheme is backed by the Supporters Club chairman (Joe Woods) and the Board of the football club, and Joe and I have already set up an account with the Cumberland Building Society to manage this money.

I have outlined the scheme below and would encourage as many of you as possible to dig deep.  Not only will this help the club to perform on the pitch but it will give us, as fans, a real connection the club and make those Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings even more real.

- Individual fans donate a set amount of money per month by standing order.  The minimum payment per month is £10, but supporters will be offered the chance to give £10, £15, £20 or ‘Other amount’ (ie, more than £20).  The initial aim is to raise £400 per month, eg 40 supporters each providing £10.

- Although records will be kept of who is paying what amount these will not be published, as it is not intended to put pressure on any individual to pay more than they feel they are able.

- Supporters must agree to pay this money each month for the duration of a football season, ie August to May.  Supporters may cancel the agreement during June and July or simply allow the standing order instruction to continue.

- The money will be paid into a discreet bank account run by the supporters’ club

- The bank account will be administered by a minimum of three people and require 2 signatures to pay out

- Any money paid into the scheme is intended to be given to the club solely for the purpose of improving the playing squad.  The money cannot be used for any other purpose, eg ground improvements, general running costs, and must not be used to offset money that the club would have provided for this purpose in the normal course of events.

- Subject to the previous point, it is the manager’s decision as to how to spend the money.  However, the supporters’ club will discuss with the manager how best to present him with the money, eg, a set sum per month, a set sum per month whilst holding some back until part way through the season, etc.

- Fans will be able to discuss the scheme and collect their standing order forms at the pre-season friendly matches and return them completed to Chris Wrigley. 

You can also contact Chris on: fox.hall@btinternet.comor 07777-690378 or PM him under the name of ‘ukvegan’ on the fans forum for further details.


Chris Wrigley

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