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KTFC Official Club Statement

An Official Club Statement from Kendal Town Football Club..

KTFC Official Club Statement

Friday 30th March 2012

An Official Club Statement from Kendal Town Football Club..

There has understandably over the last few weeks been more speculation over the financial future of Kendal Town Football Club. The club’s committee wish to issue an update for the benefit of our supporters, advertisers and sponsors, explaining as best we can the current position.

Our men’s and women’s teams have enjoyed much success on the pitch, but we are still having a difficult time with our finances. We will just about make ends meet through to the end of April. This is in large part due to players agreeing to take a reduction in wages, player loan deals, volunteers working all hours to raise funds and the loyalty of sponsors and supporters coming along and getting behind the teams.

We would like to thank the players, volunteers, sponsors, supporters and everyone else involved with our club for their tremendous hard work in getting us through to the end of the season.

Like every sports club we budgeted carefully before this season started. We worked out how much income we aimed to raise through various initiatives including donations, sponsorship, advertising, catering, Gold Bond, cup games, raffles and home gate receipts. Unfortunately we also expected to generate a reasonable income from our clubhouse, both for its use by the business it contains and the opportunities it presents for associated fundraising activities. Whilst a regular monthly contribution was received up to June 2011 it was refused by the occupants after that date.

The occupants of our club house are Parkside (Kendal) Ltd who trade as The Park. Their frequently repeated position seems to be that they are not required to contribute financially towards the football club. They have made many varying arguments in support of this, including allegedly holding written agreements. The latest remarks from Parkside (Kendal) Ltd allege they own the club house building. Despite requests, no evidence in any form has ever been produced to support their position.

We have tried as a committee to maintain a dialogue with the individuals concerned to move matters forward. This did eventually result in a small donation towards pitch maintenance being provided from Parkside (Kendal) Ltd during February. It was for less than 2.5% of what we hoped to generate from the use of our club house over the season.

We understand Parkside (Kendal) Ltd current shareholders are David Willan (50%), Ian Walker (25%) and Roy Nicholson (25%). David Willan was voted out of position as Chairman of Kendal Town FC at a specially convened Extraordinary General Meeting of the clubs members in June 2010. It was felt for a variety of reasons that they didn’t want Mr Willan to continue in this role.

Kendal Town FC call upon Mr Willan with his fellow shareholders Mr Nicholson and Mr Walker to immediately make a significantly more representative contribution to the football club for the recent use of our clubhouse and the income they keep from running the bar.

The limited and hard worked for monies the football club’s members have available are being spent to develop and modernise the stadium, its facilities and the playing teams all for the benefit of our supporters and the town. To not be able to generate an income from the use of the club house building which is leased by SLDC to the football club is a great impediment to our progress. As far as we are aware and as our travelling supporters will have seen, no other club in our league has to cope with this restriction. We have had to reduce our 2012/13 season budget until this matter is resolved.

As has been the case for some months and in the interests of honesty and openness, if any supporter wishes to view the documentation we hold relating to these matters, they are free to do so by prior arrangement at any home game. We wish to encourage a positive dialogue designed to help Kendal Town FC, its supporters and the community it serves progress.

The above information is provided on the basis of it being to the best of our current knowledge. If anyone has at their disposal any additional factual written evidence which will add to or correct our understanding, we would be delighted for them to get in touch.

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